If they going to work for you or not, the trouble you're probably to face with many anxiety counselling is that you do not know. Many anxiety counselor appeared to take a number of years, and still may not function. You need, that many anxiety expert embrace, a small incremental steps. Adding in simple skills and habits that over time can build up to what benefit you. Ignoring any interventions that don't work. I can't emphasise how important this is. Anxiety treatment is a big area, it's a complex area to tackle. You need to make sure that you find someone who is qualified and who you can trust completely. An example would be a course that would show you the skill, behaviours and it's how it will help you. The exercises would be simple to do and it's how it will help you. The key is that you see that this is a big thing, and that things are rarely easy for people who suffer anxiety. Just the way that they are difficult for you. Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are a symptom of a bigger problem. The more we look at anxiety it's the more we see that things just aren't so simple that you can fix them by yourself.